A Funny "Small World" Story

In November of 2004 I saw that a recently closed eBay auction featured some miscellaneous Minox parts from a Model III camera and included this photo:

When I looked closely I remembered that several years ago I purchased a very special Minox light meter (it is the prototype known as the "Sample Modell" on my collection page) which came in a red case with the SAME EXACT NAME embossed into it. 

I pulled out my bag of cases and found it:

I then contacted the high bidder and told him of this amazing coincidence and how I would love to be able to buy the case from him to reunite them.  He very generously offered to send the case to me for free as he was buying the lot for the shell parts and not the case. 

Now, I have reunited the cases, as shown:

While this may not make all things right in the world, it does bring these piece back together again...thanks to a special collector who wished to remain anonymous!  What a SMALL WORLD! 

Now, I can only wonder who this Mary Ann Clark was and why she possessed a prototype Minox meter???