A Tribute To Minox Clones

In order to be considered a "clone" the camera must use a Minox film cartridge and shoot in the same 8X11 mm format as the Minox made cameras, but not be made by Minox.

The first entry into this category is the Yashica Atoron.  This camera came in two main models, the "standard" Atoron and the "Electro" model.   The Electro had advanced electronic shutter speed controlled auto exposure, just like the Minox C.  It was only made in black finish, unlike the standard model which was made in silver-chrome.  I never thought much of the standard model, but the Electro I have found to be a very nice camera, and have used one on several occasions and have gotten excellent results.  Pictured here is a special "Transparent" version of the Atoron Electro which I was lucky enough to recently have acquired "new in the box".

Here's some close-ups of the camera: