How to dismantle a Minox C

 An Xray of a Minox C

First: FIRE THE SHUTTER to disconnect the shutter blades, leave the winding cover open. Open the back cover and remove the battery, undo the small grub screw in the film chamber surround a couple of turns this unlocks the winding cover location screw. Undo the large multi slot screw in the chamber proper about 3 turns or until the winding cover is released.

Big screw Small screw

The winding cover will now be free but still connected to the winder, cocker and via springs the shutter blades. The shutter was fired to enable the blades to leave their housing, if you donít the springs will be stretched. Before the cover is removed a long way wiggle it to release the brass winder cocker and spring piece (itís the bit that sticks out of the end in following pictures) Remove the end cap.

Remove the two screws from the taking side cover and the two from the view side cover, lots of bits will drop out and you can now remove the back cover.

The viewfinder bits

Taking side cover removed.

With these bits off you can remove the three screws and take the top cover off. When reassembling make sure the film counter is central and the indicated bit is on the edge. Another point when replacing the top set the ASA dial to 6 move the black bit under this dial to the middle, when the cover is almost down engage the photocell slider with this black bit. The cell slider is spring-loaded and forces the black bit against the ASA dial snail cam.

The lid off!

Shutter components. The long bit is the winder cocker thingy.

I was replacing the shutter springs, a bit fiddely but possible without a magnifying glass.

When assembled I just pushed the whole lot back.


Reasembly is quite strait forward, all parts fit one way, round just take your time. When the two side covers are in place refit the winder cover gently, donít push fully home yet leave a eighth inch gap. Screw the big screw in the film chamber back to where it was and lock with the small one. Try the winder cover for easy movement, if its stiff then loosen the big screw a bit. When satisfied push the winder cover home fully (click). If its stiff open the cover and tap it with a screwdriver handle to centralize the winder cocker arm.

When you push the cover back depress the bit above into its slot before pushing home.


Well I offer no promises but mine still works!


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